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Salon Elite Tangle Teezer - Detangling Brush - Fizz

Manufacturer: Tangle Teezer


EAN: 5060173375003

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Salon Elite Tangle Teezer - Detangling Brush - Fizz
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Do you suffer with tangle prone hair?

Salon Elite gives professional results in the palm of your hand. Detangling wet and dry hair without any tugs or pulls, it has an innovative centralised concave design that delivers firm, salon style brushstrokes from roots to ends. Perfect to pick-up-your-preening pace!

Ask yourself - are you a hair criminal who is repeatedly guilty of torturing your hair with inappropriate brushes or combs that only tug, tighten and tear tangles from your hair? If the answer is yes, help is at hand. Hair rehabilitation is painless and easy with Tangle Teezer.
Change your hair brush not your lifestyle.

A Tangle Teezer hair brush will break the cycle of broken hair and give tangled hair the brush off. A revolution in detangling hair, it has the ability to flex and not pull upon contact with tangles, gently and effortlessly delivering smooth and shiny hair in an instant.

Your hair is powerful: when nurtured it gives you self-confidence and triples your sex appeal. Beautiful and healthy hair is usually the first thing people notice about you, but abuse it with harsh brushing and your hair pays the price.

The damage trying to tear tangles and knots out of your hair with an unsuitable brush cannot be underestimated. Vigorous brushing will ‘rough’ up and damage the hair’s cuticle wrecking your hair’s chances of looking healthy and shiny. The cuticle or the outermost layer of the hair is a hard layer of over-lapping protective scale like cells (think of them as tiles on a roof) and are the front line when it comes to protecting your hair’s internal structure from damage which is imperative for bouncy, sexy and touchable hair. As well as brushing, cuticle sabotage can be caused by over-use of heated appliances, chemicals and hair accessories such as clips leading to split ends and a lack lustre and frizzy appearance.

Understanding we would be in hair limbo without styling tools and fabulous colour, Tangle Teezer reduces the risk of damaging the cuticle, making all the difference between fatigued and fabulous looking hair. Look after your cuticle and it will protect your hair. 

Tangle Teezer is the first of a new generation of detangling hairbrushes! Upon picking up Tangle Teezer you will notice the teeth aren’t like that of an ordinary brush which is where the hair genius comes in. The unique configuration of specifically designed teeth flex just the right amount to detangle and help smooth the hair’s cuticle which in turn protects the inner cortex from damage.

Using the Tangle Teezer will ensure your hair will appear more lustrous by minimising cuticle damage which in turn will help colour last and reduce the risk of fading. The hair shaft is also better prepared for the onslaught of damaging heat from styling tools. That’s why we like to call it first aid for hair.



• Tangle Teezer is excellent for detangling both wet and dry hair.

• Don’t be tentative! Fantastic, painless detangling is achieved by using a firmer pressure. Remember: it’s like no other brush.

• It’s a workout for your hair. Tangle Teezer gives a blissful, relaxing head massage even for the most sensitive scalps.

• Unlike conventional brushes and combs where you have to try and ease tangles out starting from the ends of the hair and working up towards the roots, Tangle Teezer can be used from roots to ends and mid-length to ends. Tangle Teezer is perfect for those on-the-go with busy lifestyles and fidgety children! Mums have also discovered that Tangle Teezer is a brush sent from hair heaven when it comes to detangling their little darlings’ hair that loves to knot. Hair is calmed in minutes where out go the tears and in come the smiles! 

• Detangle hair by using brush strokes from the underneath of the hair with the teeth pointing upwards. Alternatively, brush from the top of the hair pointing the teeth downwards.  For those with long hair, turn your head upside down and start detangling from the nape of your neck down to the roots.  Ideal for taking conditioner evenly through the hair when wet. Tangle Teezer ensures a light and even distribution of product which adds up to weightless blow-drying. For professional results and to ensure maximum root lift from blow-drying apply conditioner from mid-length to the ends – not from the roots. Tangle Teezer will distribute a fine film of conditioner at the roots which ensures no product overload that leads to flat hair.  




• Tangle Teezer is a must-have for hair extension wearers. Tangle Teezer will simply glide though the hair from roots to end, passing painlessly over the bonds without pulling. For those with hair extensions you will find less hair is pulled out and your style will last longer and look better. After three months your hair extensions will continue to look like new rather than pieces of twisted and frayed rope!

• Gives superb results for the daily and on-going maintenance of wigs, wefts, weaves and clip in hair pieces. Tangle Teezer leaves them looking and feeling just like new.

• Excellent results are achieved on even the tightest curls and afro hair.

• Daily brushing refreshes hair for a sleek style and helps to smooth the cuticle for increased shine. While on the go, Tangle Teezer is the ultimate styling tool to give your hair a professional finish all day long. 

• To funk up short styles, apply your styling product to the hair and use Tangle Teezer to shape and mould. Great for guys too!

• Tangle Teezer minimises hair breakage, so over a period of time you will notice your hair feels thicker and looks healthier. A results driven brush, the minute you start using Tangle Teezer the sooner you are on the road to beautiful hair. It sounds crazy, but it’s true!

• Three is the magic number! Keep one Tangle Teezer at home, one in the office and one in your gym bag – you never want your hair to be caught without it!




• When cleansing the hair use a light shampoo along with a gentle massaging action. Remember: you wouldn’t use wire wool to cleanse your face, so why scrub the hair with shampoo? Never pour shampoo straight from the bottle onto the scalp, instead follow the rhythm of: bottle to palm and palm to scalp.

• For mid-length styles avoid aggravating and knotting the hair by gently patting the shampoo through the hair. This will minimise the stress on hair strands.

• Wet hair is more susceptible to snapping, stretching and breaking especially for those with long hair, highlights or with damaged or mistreated hair. For the ultimate conditioning treatment it’s essential to remove excess moisture from the hair. Do this by taking paper towels and scrunching them through mid-length to ends. Pour a deep conditioner onto the palms of the hands and distribute evenly through the hair. Leave on according to product instructions.

• When blow-drying, remember practice makes perfect. To save hair from unwanted and damaging heat practice your style using ‘cool’ tools. Become use to the brush and blow-drying motion of creating your desired styles by putting your dryer on a cool setting. The same with your straightening irons. Use them cold until you feel comfortable you’ve got the technique perfect.





Like your hair, the more you look after your Tangle Teezer the better it will perform. Here I give my TLC tips for looking after your detangler:

• Always place your Tangle Teezer with the pointing teeth up. This way you minimise damage to the teeth.

• Rinse your Tangle Teezer with warm water after using any kind of product.

• Dry at room temperature. Do not be tempted to speed dry by putting on a radiator or drying the teeth with your hair-dryer.

• Clean using a toothbrush by lightly brushing through the teeth with soapy water once a week. Rinse thoroughly.







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  • Diana 11/10/2020

    Suuper Feliz con el peine. No Tira, no se me cae tanto el pelo. Aún no he notado que no se encrespe menos, pero sin duda va genial. Lo único que yo no sabía es que hay diferentes tipos para diferentes tipos de pelo. Mi hermana tiene uno para pelo pobre y fino. Yo compré el mío a potra pero era el que necesitaba !

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Verónica 20/08/2020

    Me ha encantado este cepillo. Desenreda el pelo sin partirlo ni dar tirones. Desde que lo uso noto que mi pelo se encrespa menos.

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Lia 14/04/2020


    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Maria Pilar 30/03/2019

    Lo usamos a diario, minhija si no la peino con el tangle teezer no quiere que la peine con Nada. Ya hemos tenido 5 des de que lo compramos.

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • miriam 06/08/2018

    una maravilla .. desenreda muy bien y es muy duradero

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • NICOLETTA 01/08/2018

    Streccia senza strappare veramente. Comoda per viaggiare.

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • DIANA 01/08/2018

    Compré el cepillo para regalo a mi madre y está encantada con él.

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Nathaly 23/07/2018

    Me gusta el cepillo cumple su función

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Tânia 13/05/2018

    É prática para transportar, para andar connosco, ginásio... mas para quem tem o cabelo comprido e que faça muitos nós não recomendo.. demoramos muito tempo a desembaraçar e dói.. não é muito macia!

    • Do you recommend your purchase? No
    •  Reply
  • Victoria 26/10/2016

    Me encanta. Lo compré hace unos meses y estoy muy feliz con él, es genial. Desenreda el pelo muy bien y sobre todo no parte el pelo, que era uno de los problemas que yo tenía antes. Mi pelo es muy fino y en mucha cantidad y gracias a este cepillo, su calidad ha mejorado enormemente. Ya no lo tengo encrespado y sobre todo me mantiene el pelo liso.

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • lorena 03/11/2015

    me gusta es el segundo que compro

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Leire 13/10/2015

    Sinceramente me esperaba mucho más de este cepillo después de ver los comentarios. Quizás para quien tenga poca cantidad de pelo le funcione pero yo siento que no me desenreda bien y tengo que hacerlo por secciones para que sea efectivo.

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Raquel 07/10/2015

    Me encanta

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Clara 07/10/2015

    De las mejores compras que he realizado. Totalmente cierto que no da tirones, es una pasada.

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Eva 27/09/2015

    Reduce mucho los tirones al desenredar y deja el pelo mas liso, eso sí, si tienes mucha cantidad de pelo cuesta mas a la hora de peinar.

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Marian 23/09/2015

    Un 10 para este cepillo, deja el pelo precioso, con una textura genial y desenreda sin romper, sin duda mi mejor compra

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Raquel 12/08/2015

    Me encanta este peine, desde que lo Probé no utilizo otro ya es el 4 que compro para regalar y a todas les encanta

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Marta 08/07/2015

    Es genial para desenredar sin los tirones de antes y eso que a mí el pelo se me enreda con la mirada! Ya estoy pensando en comprar otro para llevármelo por ahí...

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Beatriz 13/04/2015

    Ya no hay miedo en usar el cepillo y arrancarte nudos de pelo. Se ha reducido considerablemente la caida del cabello. A penas nada.

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • M. José 26/03/2015

    Lo utilizo para peina a mis hijas y va fenomenal. Ocupa poco espacio y deja el pelo suave sin tirones, mojado o seco.

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Monica 12/03/2015

    Evviva!!!!!! Eccellente!

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • virginia 26/01/2015

    Justo como esperaba. desenreda de manera increible, no me lo creia hasta q lo tuve en mis manos. Me encanta el diseño es una monada y no se si sera cosa mia pero me deja el pelo mas lisito. excelente

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply
  • Noelia 22/12/2014

    Se adapta bien a la mano facilitando el peinado, desenreda bien el pelo sin tirones. Me ha disminuido los enredones, se me cae menos el pelo.

    • Do you recommend your purchase? Yes
    •  Reply

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